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The sympoiesis of an ambulatory reading circle ; see more info here


Boundaries are never lines they are a multitude of forms meeting one another. In drawing these trees I am struck by how every section of the tree is in relation to a multitude of ever more relationships: ecosystems, insects, mosses, lichen etc. The trees form emerges through the observation of its surrounding spaces.

footprints in the snow

Tracks in the snow show how busy it is here, hares, birds, linxs, squirrels, deer, dogs, and no human tracks until my feet arrive. I take note: how to make new tracks together, quietly, not one set of tracks is greater or lesser. The impact we have made obliterating the journeys of so many living beings is heavy, how can our footprints become lighter?

observations ariving in Tadoussac as lockdown begins

Arriving in Tadoussac spring 2020, as the schools were closing in Montreal. A chance to leave the city, be with trees, rock, and the fjord. Self-isolating amongst the boreal birch tree, itself a symbol of renewal, the super moon, and the belugas, here since the ice age. The shipping traffic almost stopped, there is hardly a ferry crossing the fjord, the horizon is clear and despite the anxiety of the pandemic a new current was palpable- time to listen - time to act. This is a place, visited since early childhood, is where the waters feel as though they inhabit me.

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